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Hello November!

Well that was fast! How did we get here already?

How is it that when you look forward at the year there seems to be an unlimited amount of time to go and a sense that you have to wait so long for things to come around. Now that it is November and we only have two months left in the year, I am sitting here with my tea and wondering where did all that time go? How is it that summer is over, the kids have already started a new school year, Thanksgiving has come and gone, and now Halloween has passed? I am in awe of time and how it feels so abundant and then the next minute it is gone.

I was at the store the other day with the kids, Ikea to be exact, and was overwhelmed with a feeling of 'being behind'. There were tables of ornaments, garlands strung from the ceiling, and displays beautifully decorated. Have you started your holiday planning yet? I know I haven't and man is it making me a little stressed. It's time to get cranking out all those handmade gifts and yet I have no plan! With the next holiday season and the end of the year fast approaching I have a burning desire to make all the lists and to start making all the things. How do you get ready for the holiday season?

Let's get planning I say! Today in and amongst tidy up the house after Halloween, a load of laundry or two and of course my day job :) I will start making my plans and making my lists and I will try and share all this with you here. If you have ways in which you do the above please share as I would love to share tips and tricks with you all. I have my notebook out, my daily agenda, and my Ravelry page open. Time to make a new cup of tea and get to work with all the plans!

Happy making friends, talk again soon,


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